Tec Fest Events

Antarang And Traditional Day

    On the 27th Feb,2017,We celebrated Our truely cultural Fest i.e."Antarang Night".This year, there was a major coincidence i.e. The day is celebrated as "Raj Bhasha Din i.e.Marathi".We were lucky to celebrate our cultural fest on Raj Bhasha Din.Antarang includes all the cultural events like Dhol,Streetplay & drama,dance,etc. Our principal,Dr.L.K.Ragha inaugrated the Cultural Fest on the lawn of Terna Engineering college which was celebrated by playing "Dhol-Tasha".The Dhol tasha was played by students itself.After this event,there was a "Palakhi" in which carried our holy book "Dnyneshwari" with the statue of Saint.Dnyneshwar which were worshiped by our respected Principal Dr.L.K.Ragha Sir. The palakhi was carrried from Terna Engineering college to Nerul Station along with the energytic and inspiring sound of "Dhol-Tasha". After that,There was an intercollege streetplay competiton in Auditorium of Terna Dental college at 3 pm.

    In this event, various colleges like K.J.Somaiya,VIT participated along with this Team Hrudyaparshi i.eTeam Of Terna had also participated.The streetplay event was really great.From comedy scenes,we got idologies to live a life and that is the true success of all the teams. Here, I must mention the names of event heads,and their names are: Rushikesh Mhatre,Namita Deshpande,Pratik Talwadekar have done amazing job of managing all the teams with providing proper facilities to them.The hosting part of streetplay was done by Suyash Chavan from BE EXTC.

    After declaring the results of competiton, the main event of Antarang started.As I mentioned,this event is based on culture,so the beginning of event was to tribute the God of arts i.e Ganapati via performing dances which were based on classical and energytic songs,respectively. The classical solo dance was performed and coreographed by "Kumari.Manasi Banagle SE Electronics". After the tribute ,there was a drama. Drama is heart of Antarang Night which was performed under the guidance of "Mr.Gaurav Hajare" and "Mr.Ajay Wahal",both are from Third year comps.

    After Drama, There was "Gondhal i.e. the song is dedicated to Godess" was performed and choreographed by "Kumari.Neha Deorukhkar and Group" from Third Year IT. Then, there was a big session of Lavani.This form of dance is life of Antarang.The most of the songa and Morya were coreographed and performed by "Kumari.Aaishwarya Kulaye,Mr.Raj Sjinde and kumari.Shrutika" from TE IT but in this session, there were new faces to perform and self choreographed their lavanis and they were "Kumari.Varsha Jadhav"from SE Extc and "Kumari.Pooja Rathod" from FE.

    In between that performances,"Mr.Suyash chavan" and "Kumari.Priyanka Vatkar" had successfully handled the crowd of Terna.Along with them,there was a spotaneous monoact of "Shubham Patil" from FE which was based on "Woman Empowerment". After completing the respective fillers, insteading of doing fashion show,we arranged for singing.That event has great potential to make mark on audience but providing a good sound quality.

    The singing heads "Kumari.Mayuri Rathod" from SE comps and "Mr.Pratik Belose" from TE Extc had managed the songs successfully.Each and every student of Terna enjoyed the song "Bring it on" which was sung by "Mr.Pratik Belose" and "Mr.Gaurav Hajare" along with "Mr.Akshay Kshirasagar" from BE Electronics who was playing casio and "Mr.Sahil Patil" from SE IT who played snails.We concluded with the Vote of Thanks and immediately "Zingaat" was played for the excited audience. This event was done successfully because of efforts of our respective Cultural Secretaries "Mr.Mayur More"& Kumari.Purnima Bidwan"

    Overall, event was amazing and well entertaining to all and a new height of success was achieved. -----BHHAVYANK